Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority!
We do not sell or give away any of the
information you provide us when you order.
The icWallet only saves your contact information.
Your credit card information is not saved online.
We are committed to customer service!
If you have any questions or concerns call us at 1-800-931-3133.

Our site is P3P Compliant.

Our P3P Compact Privacy Policy:


CAO - Identified Contact Information and Other Identified Data: access is given to identified online and physical contact information as well as to certain other identified data. We collect necessary information needed for you to place an online order.

CUR - Information is used to complete the activity for which it was provided. Information collected is only used to complete an order.

CONi - Information may be used to contact the individual, through a communications channel other than voice telephone, for the promotion of a product or service. This includes notifying visitors about updates to the Web site. Opt-in means prior consent must be provided by users. We provide an option for you to Opt-In onto an email list to receive emails pertaining to our products and services.

OUR - Ourselves and/or entities acting as our agents or entities for whom we are acting as an agent. Information gathered is used by us to process your order and ship you your product(s).

IND - Information is retained for an indeterminate period of time. The absence of a retention policy would be reflected under this option. Where the recipient is a public fora, this is the appropriate retention policy. Your order and contact information is retained. Credit card numbers are destroyed and not stored in a database upon charging your order. For your protection you must re-submit payment information with each order.

PHY - Information that allows an individual to be contacted or located in the physical world -- such as telephone number or address.

ONL - Information that allows an individual to be contacted or located on the Internet -- such as email. Often, this information is independent of the specific computer used to access the network. (See the category COM) Email is used for correspondance about your order unless you Opt-in to our email list.

PUR - Information actively generated by the purchase of a product or service, including information about the method of payment.

COM - Information about the computer system that the individual is using to access the network -- such as the IP number, domain name, browser type or operating system. This is used to identify individual orders and to prevent fraud.

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