SCS5 – SCSI 3, Two Drives 24 Inch

SCS5 Information
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SCS5 SCSI 3, Two Drives 24 Inch $19.00

  • .25mm Ribbon Cable
  • 24 Inches Long
  • 3 Connectors - 2 Drives
  • IDC 68 (Half Pitch 68) Male to IDC 68 (Half Pitch 68) Male
    • Internal 68 Male
      Internal 68 Pin Male
      Used for internal scsi-3/ultra2/lvd applications: hard drive, cd-rom, removable storage drive. Used on the P-cable for 16-bit WIDE SCSI. 68-pin version of the 50-pin micro-D high-density connector. Male connector used on cables, female on device or host adapter.
  • SCSI 3 - Before Adaptec and later SCSITA codified the terminology, the first parallel SCSI devices that exceeded the SCSI-2 capabilities were simply designated SCSI-3. These devices, also known as Ultra SCSI and fast-20 SCSI, were introduced in 1992. The bus speed doubled again to 20 MB/s for narrow (8 bit) systems and 40 MB/s for wide. The maximum cable length stayed at 3 meters but ultra SCSI developed an undeserved reputation for extreme sensitivity to cable length and condition (faulty cables, connectors or terminators were often to blame for instability problems).

SCS5 SCSI 3, Two Drives 24 Inch
Part Number Description Price Order
SCS5 SCSI 3, Two Drives 24 Inch $19.00
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