SC35A – HP68 Female - IDC50 Male Adapter

SC35A Information
Part Number Description Price Order
SC35A HP68 Female - IDC50 Male Adapter $12.50

  • HP68 (Half Pitch 68) Female to IDC50 Male
    • HP68 Female
      Probably the most common SCSI connector used today. Used on all SCSI Wide applications and some old DEC single-ended SCSI this connector provides a highly secure connection. Used for scsi-3 applications: scanner, removable storage drive, controller, external cdr/cdrw, ultra/2. The HP68 connector has 68-pins arranged in two rows one on top of the other. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins.
    • IDC50 Male
      Used for internal scsi-1/scsi-2 applications: hard drive, cd-rom, removable storage drive. 50 pin insulation displacement connector (IDC) used on ribbon cables for internal SCSI cabling. Female connector used on cables, male on device or host adapter.

Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • HP68 Female
    HP68 Female
  • IDC50 Male

SC35A HP68 Female - IDC50 Male Adapter
Part Number Description Price Order
SC35A HP68 Female - IDC50 Male Adapter $12.50
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