SC34 – HP50 Female - IDC50 Male w/ Brackets

SC34 Information
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SC34 HP50 Female - IDC50 Male w/ Brackets $11.50

  • HP50 (Half Pitch 50) Female to IDC50 Male
    • Half Pitch 50 Female (Micro DB50 Female)
      Used for scsi-2 applications: scanner, removable storage drive, controller, external cdr/cdrw. The Micro DB50 connector has 50-pins arranged in two rows one on top of the other. The top row has 25 pins and the lower row has 25 pins. Most 8-bit SCSI FAST (up to 10 Mbytes/sec) computers and host adapters use this 50-pin High-Density connector. Commonly used on Apples and Mac, and some older Sun 8-bit workstations. This connector is seen increased use on Scanners and Iomega Zip Drives.
    • IDC50 Male
      Used for internal scsi-1/scsi-2 applications: hard drive, cd-rom, removable storage drive. 50 pin insulation displacement connector (IDC) used on ribbon cables for internal SCSI cabling. Female connector used on cables, male on device or host adapter.

Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • HP50 Female
  • IDC50 Male

SC34 HP50 Female - IDC50 Male w/ Brackets
Part Number Description Price Order
SC34 HP50 Female - IDC50 Male w/ Brackets $11.50
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