SC11D – SCSI 3 Differential Terminator

SC11D Information
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SC11D SCSI 3 Differential Terminator $32.00

  • This external HP68 Pin differential SCSI terminator provides reliable termination for high speed single ended device chains.
  • HP68 Male
    • HP68 Male
      HP68 Male
      Probably the most common SCSI connector used today. Used on all SCSI Wide applications and some old DEC single-ended SCSI this connector provides a highly secure connection. Used for scsi-3 applications: scanner, removable storage drive, controller, external cdr/cdrw, ultra/2. The HP68 connector has 68-pins arranged in two rows one on top of the other. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins.
  • SCSI 3 - Before Adaptec and later SCSITA codified the terminology, the first parallel SCSI devices that exceeded the SCSI-2 capabilities were simply designated SCSI-3. These devices, also known as Ultra SCSI and fast-20 SCSI, were introduced in 1992. The bus speed doubled again to 20 MB/s for narrow (8 bit) systems and 40 MB/s for wide. The maximum cable length stayed at 3 meters but ultra SCSI developed an undeserved reputation for extreme sensitivity to cable length and condition (faulty cables, connectors or terminators were often to blame for instability problems).

SC11D SCSI 3 Differential Terminator
Part Number Description Price Order
SC11D SCSI 3 Differential Terminator $32.00
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