R9SSC – RJ9 4 Wire, Handset Size, Silver Satin Data Cable Straight (Custom)

R9SSC Information

  • RJ9 Male to RJ9 Male
  • Handset Size Connector
  • Silver Satin Flat Wire
  • Straight Through Pinning
RJ-9 is a physical interface. RJ stands for Registered Jack which is part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It has four positions with 4 pins (electrical connections) installed.

Registered Jack Width (Positions) Pins Installed Installed Pins Diagram
RJ-9 4 Position 4 Installed 1,2,3,4 RJ9 Connector Diagram

R9SSC RJ9 4 Wire Silver Satin Data Cable Straight (Custom)


R9SSC RJ9 4 Wire, Handset Size, Silver Satin Data Cable Straight (Custom)

Custom Cables may vary slightly from picture shown.

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