PS-141B – 4 Port KVM Switch

PS-141B Information
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PS-141B 4 Port KVM Switch $82.50

Be in total control in your multi-PC environment. Switc between applications and PCs with ease using keyboard hot-Key functions or toggle switch in the front panel. Compatible with Windows OS version 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 10.0 and up and Linux. PS/2 Ports.
  • Access 4 PCs with one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse
  • More space and cost effective
  • Auto Scan Mode sequences through PC when KVM switch is powered on
  • Buzz for switching confirmation
  • Front panel LEDs indicate the selected PC
  • Full emulation of keyboard and mouse, PCs can be woken up at any time
  • Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and NUM Lock LED status are saved and restore as switch from PC to PC
  • Select PCs by pushing button or hot key commands
  • Support SVGA, VGA and multi-sunc monitors, resolutions up to 2048x1536
  • Input Connection: PS/2 (Mini Din 6 Female keyboard & mouse), VGA (HD15 Female)

PS-141B 4 Port KVM Switch
Part Number Description Price Order
PS-141B 4 Port KVM Switch $82.50
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