PCC-14-2-25 – 2 Conductor 14 Gauge Flat Adhesive Wire 25 Ft.

PCC-14-2-25 Information
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PCC-14-2-25 2 Conductor 14 Gauge Flat Adhesive Wire 25 Ft. $49.00

  • Conductors: 2
  • Gauge: 14
  • Temp. Rating: 180 F
  • Width: 1-1/4 inches
  • Current: 18 & 13 Amps
  • Applications: High wattage audio, alarms, low voltage lighting
  • The generally recommended maximum length per run:
    (Based on maximum frequency response deviation of +/-0.5dB )
    14 Gauge (2.1 mm2) = 50 ft (15m) maximum.

For low voltage systems only. Do not use with 120 Volt AC household circuits or any voltage above 12 volts!

For best results and easy installation, please followthe following instructions:

  1. Determine the best place for the wire to be run and the terminations to be located, preferably next to a wall and out of traffic areas. Be sure the surface is clean. Alcohol wipes can be used. Do not use window cleaner!
  2. Measure the length of wire to be run and add a few inches for safety. It is not recommended to cut the wire prior to installing it. Determine if the wire is to be connected directly to the equipment and if there will be a splice into a regular wire complete installation with the flat wire.
  3. Make sure all power is turned off.
  4. Follow the wire from the equipment to the point where the other end is to be connected. Cut the wires and strip the ends 1/2 inch. If using a terminal block, insert the stripped ends of wire into one side of terminal block and tighten screws.
  5. Prepare the wire for termination by peeling back and cutting 1/2 inch of the pink peel off liner as in figure A. To release the copper conductors, break the adhesive by gently running a scewdriver down both sides of both conductors. Do not cut through the clear or white layer. See figure B. Peel clear or white layer away from conductors and trim even with pink liner as in figure C.
    Figures A, B, and C For Installation

Using Terminal Blocks - Using scissors, slit the copper conductors down the center about 1/2 inch. Cross one side of the wire on top of the other and fit into terminal block on the side opposite the round wire. Make sure wire is inserted far enough that all bare copper is inside connector. Tighten screws. Attach terminal block to wall or floor with screw.

Solder Termination - Pre-tin the ends of the wires using a soldering iron and solder together with the existing systems wires. Let cool and insulate with electrical tape.

To Attach Pins - Wires can be attached to many different speakers simply by cutting the wires down the center, placing one wire on top of the other and inserting into pin. Standard speaker pins can be screwed or crimped on.

Installing Wire - Peel back 2 inches of the pink liner. Position the tape in the desired location and press to secure. Continue to line up, peel, and press the wire into place along the entire surface. Take care when positioning wire because the adhesive is strong and difficult to remove. To make a turn, fold the wire back and then over itself as in the diagram below. Press as smooth and flat as possible. All products can be painted, spackled, or wallpapered.
Flat Wire Installation Fold

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PCC-14-2-25 2 Conductor 14 Gauge Flat Adhesive Wire 25 Ft.
Part Number Description Price Order
PCC-14-2-25 2 Conductor 14 Gauge Flat Adhesive Wire 25 Ft. $49.00
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