MC3810-4E – Cisco MC3810 Multiservice Access Concentrator

MC3810-4E Information


Frame Relay Service

  • Second only to lease-line services in worldwide revenue, Frame Relay continues to attract business minded network managers as the transport service of choice. The MC3810 provides all of the features which you expect from Frame Relay, savings, reliability, flexibility and simplicity. The services available in Cisco IOS make the MC3810 ideally suited for remote or branch office support of traditional Frame Relay services for data as well as voice over Frame Relay.

ATM Services

  • A change in the Cisco IOS software is all that is required for the MC3810 to support full feature, high quality T1/E1 ATM services. The MC3810 supports non-real time and real-time VBR(variable bit rate), CBR (constant bit rate) and UBR (unspecified bit rate) service classes. Voice, fax, and data are transported over ATM using AAL5 (VBR). Structured CBR support is provided for streaming video such as MPEG from a voice codec. The MC3810 also performs gatekeeper services for H.323 video over ATM sessions, insuring the highest quality of service for multimedia conferences.

Enterprise Network Access

  • Ideal for connecting branch offices and remote sites to the corporate backbone, MC3810 supports legacy, data, video, and IP data traffic with "plug and play" ease of deployment. And because it runs on the Cisco IOS software platform, the MC3810 ensures delivery of network services and network applications while providing a scalable migration path.

Integrated Access Services

  • With backbone integration capabilities, the Cisco MC3810 offers service providers an opportunity to provide their enterprise customers with access to public Frame Relay and managed ATM T1/E1 services for voice, video, and data traffic. Service providers can offer customers the option of leasing or purchasing the unit, or they can offer the MC3810 as part of a complete, managed solution. also sells:
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