LCMDPC – LC - LC Plenum Multimode Duplex Core Size: 62.5/125

LCMDPC Information

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Custom Cables may vary slightly from picture shown.

  • LC to LC
    • LC - A small form factor optic connector developed by Lucent Technologies.
  • Multimode
    • Multimode cable is made of of glass fibers, with a common diameters in the 50-to-100 micron range for the light carry component (the most common size is 62.5). POF is a newer plastic-based cable which promises performance similar to glass cable on very short runs, but at a lower cost.

      Multimode fiber gives you high bandwidth at high speeds over medium distances. Light waves are dispersed into numerous paths, or modes, as they travel through the cable's core typically 850 or 1300nm. Typical multimode fiber core diameters are 50, 62.5, and 100 micrometers. However, in long cable runs (greater than 3000 feet [914.4 ml), multiple paths of light can cause signal distortion at the receiving end, resulting in an unclear and incomplete data transmission.

      Multi Mode Fiber Diagram
  • Core Size: 62.5/125
  • Plenum
  • What is Plenum Cable? - A cable that is rated as having adequate fire resistance and low smoke producing characteristics for use in air handling spaces (plenum). It has a covering (jacket) that meets UL specifications for resistance to fire.

LCMDPC LC - LC Plenum Multimode (Misc Custom)
Core Size: 62.5/125



Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • LC
  • LC

LCMDPC LC - LC Plenum Multimode Duplex Core Size: 62.5/125

Custom Cables may vary slightly from picture shown. also sells:
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