KS104 – KVM Switch 4 Port for PS/2

KS104 Information
Part Number Description Price Order
KS104 KVM Switch 4 Port for PS/2 $96.00

4 Port KVM switch can access multiple computers from one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. There is no interface card or software to configure. Installation is as easy as connecting cables between 4 port KVM switch and your computers. Operation is as simple as pressing push button on the front panel and entering hotkey command.

  • KVM Switch 4 port is compact size design, easily portable.
  • Supports Microsoft intelliMouse, Logitech Net Mouse, etc.
  • Supports Operation System as DOC, Win3.X, Win95/98/2000, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linix
  • Keyboard and mouse can be hot plugged at any time.
  • High VGA resolution 1920X1440, bandwidth 200MHz
  • Hot-key function allows easy computer access
  • Auto Scan Mode automatically selects computers sequentially
  • Keyboard states automatically saved and restored upon switching PCs
  • LED Display presents easy status monitoring
  • Beep sounds for switching port confirmation

KS104 KVM Switch 4 Port for PS/2
Part Number Description Price Order
KS104 KVM Switch 4 Port for PS/2 $96.00
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