EX18PC – VGA (HD15 Male To 5 BNC Male (Plug)) R,G,B,V,H, Plenum, Custom

EX18PC Information
HD15 (High Density) Male to 5 BNC Male (Plug) Cable. Plenum Cable. This cable goes from a VGA port to a VGA Monitor which uses 5 BNC Inputs. The 5 BNC Inputs are for Red, Green, Blue, Vertical, and Horizontal.

  • Plenum
  • What is Plenum Cable? - A cable that is rated as having adequate fire resistance and low smoke producing characteristics for use in air handling spaces (plenum). It has a covering (jacket) that meets UL specifications for resistance to fire.

EX18PC VGA (HD15 Male To 5 BNC Male (Plug)) R,G,B,V,H, Plenum, Custom


Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • HD15 Male
    HD15 Male
  • BNC Male (Plug)
    BNC Male (Plug)

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