EX13PC – High Resolution HD15 Male To HD15 Female Extension, Plenum, Custom Length

EX13PC Information
HD15 Male to HD15 Female (High Density 15 Male to High Density 15 Female) Plenum Cable. Use this cable to extend your current high resolution SVGA monitor cable.

  • Plenum
  • What is Plenum Cable? - A cable that is rated as having adequate fire resistance and low smoke producing characteristics for use in air handling spaces (plenum). It has a covering (jacket) that meets UL specifications for resistance to fire.

EX13PC High Resolution HD15 Male To HD15 Female Extension, Plenum, Custom


Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • HD15 Male
    HD15 Male
  • HD15 Female
    HD15 Female

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