DMN-CM-075 – DB25 Female to DB25 Male (Custom) Lucent Technologies

DMN-CM-075 Information

Cable Name: RAD MTE-1 Crossover Cable

Primary Application: This cable provides crossover functions for the RAD-MTE-1 buffer. The MTE-1 buffers simplex radar data bewteen the A/B switch and the Codex 6250 SDC interface.
Cable Description: This cable is a special purpose crossover cable with a male DB-25 connector on one end and a female DB-25 connector on the other end.

DMN-CM-075 DB25 Female to DB25 Male (Custom)


Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • DB25 Female
    DB25 Female
  • DB25 Male
    DB25 Male

DMN-CM-075 DB25 Female to DB25 Male (Custom) Lucent Technologies

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