DMN-CM-055 – HP26 Male to V.35 Female (Custom) Lucent Technologies

DMN-CM-055 Information
Cable Name: DB-26M-V.35F Interface Adapter

Primary Application: Codex 3500 CSU/DSU Port 2 V.35 (F) interface adapter.
Cable Description: This cable assembly is an adapter cable with a female V.35 connector on one end and a mini DB-26 male connector on the other end.

DMN-CM-055 HP26 Male to V.35 Female (Custom)


Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • HP26 Male
    HP26 Male
  • V.35 Female
    V.35 Female

DMN-CM-055 HP26 Male to V.35 Female (Custom) Lucent Technologies

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