CISCO803 – ISDN Router w/ 2-POTS, 4-port Hub and IP Feature Set

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The Cisco 801 model provides an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ST interface for use worldwide. The Cisco 802 adds the integrated NT1 network termination device for use in North America. The Cisco 803 and 804 models add a four port Ethernet hub and two RJ-11 interfaces for telephone devices such as telephones, fax machines, and modems. The Cisco 805 offers one serial port for synchronous serial connections or asynchronous dial up connections with an external modem.

The Cisco 803 and 804 models also support supplementary telephone services such as call waiting, call-waiting cancel, call hold, call retrieve, three-way conferencing, and call transfer (if these services are supported by a users telephone company). For North American users, the Cisco 804 supports caller ID out the POTS port. Field upgradeable Flash and DRAM memory in all Cisco 800 Series models protect equipment investments as technologies and networking requirements change.

  • Support for WAN Technologies

The Cisco Series 801 through 804 support ISDN switched, leased line connections, Always on Dynamic ISDN (AODI), X.25 over ISDN D channel, Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP), Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (ML-PPP), Compression Control Protocol (CCP) compression (up to 4:1), and Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) with load balancing for links up to 128 kbps, for effective throughput up to 512 kbps.

The Cisco Series 805 supports both synchronous serial connections and asynchronous dial connections, synchronous connections include Frame Relay, leased line, X.25 up to speeds of up to 512 kbps. When using asynchronous dialup with an external modem, the Cisco 805 only connects to the Internet when required, and then immediately disconnects when the line is no longer being used, minimizing per-minute usage charges. Access control lists make sure that only important traffic initiates the Internet connection, further increasing the cost savings. The advanced routing protocols of the Cisco 805, including Snapshot and triggered RIP, ensure routing table information is exchanged efficiently; and STAC compression increases total throughput. Asynchronous serial speeds up to 115.2 kbps.

  • Security

To leverage the unprecedented opportunities offered by communications and commerce over the Internet, private information must remain secure. Cisco Secure Integrated Software provides many technologies to build a custom security solution. The elements of security services include perimeter security, identity, monitoring, privacy, firewalls, IPSec encryption, and VPNs.

  • Standard Security

Perimeter security refers to the control of traffic entry and exit between network boundaries, such as between private networks, intranets, extranets, or the Internet. Cisco IOS perimeter security technologies provide a highly flexible, superior solution with features such as:

Standard and extended ACLs

Lock and Key (dynamic ACLs)

Router/route authentication, authorization, and accounting (such as Password Authentication Protocol [PAP]/Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol[CHAP]

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Token Card authentication with Cisco Secure authentication

NAT eliminates the need to re-address all hosts with existing private network address and hides internal address from public view. For businesses that want to allow selected access to the network, NAT can be configured to allow only certain types of data requests such as Web browsing, e-mail, or file transfers.

  • Enhanced Security

Dynamic Firewall - Companies increasingly rely on internal networks and servers for accessing company data. To leverage the Internet as a key business tool, companies must connect their internal networks to the Internet while keeping sensitive internal data secure. Company data can be protected against unauthorized access with stateful firewalls. The integrated Cisco IOS Firewall et,

Stateful (dynamic) ACLs (application/context based)

Java blocking

Denial of service attack detection and prevention

Real-time alerts and audit trails

Dynamic firewalls provide these vital enhanced security features. The term firewall is used by many vendors but not uniformly referred to as stateful firewalls. Firewalls that are not dynamic do not provide these enhanced security features.

Cisco801Back.gifISDN Router w/ 2-POTS, 4-port Hub and IP Feature Set

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