CISCO776M-G1 – ISDN Router w/ NT-1, 2 POTS, w/ 4-port Hub (Canada)

CISCO776M-G1 Information


  • Internet access for multiple users over one ISDN line

The Cisco 700 series allows multiple PCs to access the Internet simultaneously, without the need to share a single PC with an Internet connection or rely on server-based hardware and software. A single Cisco 700 series can make everyone in the office more productive.

  • Affordable Internet connections for Small/Home Offices

With the Cisco 700 series theres no need to install a separate ISDN card in every PC to provide Internet access to new users and no need to have multiple ISDN lines or multiple Internet access accounts. The Cisco 700 series includes everything you need for fast access, without need for costly added hardware or software in a dedicated PC or central server. And when you want to give Internet access to new users just plug them into your hub or the Ethernet port on the Cisco 700 series - no additional hardware or configuration is required.

  • High-Speed Internet Connections

Unlike ISDN cards, the Cisco 700 series does not steal performance from a PCs main processor or add work for your central server. Fast call set up with automatic dialup provides quick, automated connections to the Internet and online services. And Cisco 700 series Internet access devices include throughput-boosting data compression so users can browse the Web quickly and receive faster downloads.

  • Integrated CAPI support for optimal performance for European markets

The Cisco 700 series is designed to take full advantage of popular European ISDN services. Integrated support for common application programming interface (CAPI) applications provides access to services such as faxing and online banking and a range of leading Internet service providers.

Cisco 700 series Internet access devices are available with one-user or five-user RVS-COM Lite licenses, for access to all RVS-COM applications and CAPI applications. And since the CAPI 2.0 driver is built into the Cisco 700 series there is no need to purchase separate software for your server.

CAPI is an application programming interface standard used to access ISDN equipment connected to basic rate interfaces (BRIs) and primary rate interfaces (PRIs). Using a Cisco 700 series with RVS-COM Lite software provides a truly shared network environment and other benefits including: Soft fax (for analog and digital lines) for use with software such as AVMs Fritz!32, Symantec WinFax Pro, and RVS-COM Lite 1.6: Soft modem for e-mail and Web access to Internet service providers such as T-Online and CompuServe File and Euro-File Transfer Electronic banking and shopping with German T-Online Third-party CAPI-compliant applications. For further details on the CAPI standard visit

Cisco 700 series Internet access devices are available in several configurations. For a simple connection of your PC to an ISDN service the Cisco 761M provides a single WAN port and a single Ethernet port. The Cisco 775M provides a single WAN port, four Ethernet ports (integrated hub), and two analog telephone interfaces that allow standard telephones, fax machines, and modems to share the ISDN line. These analog telephone interfaces eliminate the need for multiple telephone lines and expensive ISDN telephones. They also support supplementary telephone services such as call waiting, call hold, call transfer, call forwarding (Sweden and Finland) and three-way conferencing.


Cisco 700 Series Software

Each Cisco 700 series model comes with software feature set that supports:

  • IP routing for up to 30 PCs (recommended for up to 5 users)
  • STAC compression for faster transmission
  • X.25 over ISDN (D) for point of sale (POS) applications
  • Bandwidth on demand (BOD) B channel aggregation
  • Always on/dynamic ISDN (AO/DI)
  • Built-in Dynamic Host Control Protocol (TFTP), remote downloads, and autoconfiguration

To use a CAPI-compliant application with the Cisco 700 series Internet access device, all clients must have RVS-COM Lite software installed and properly configured on their PCs.

The CAPI feature is bundled with the Cisco 700 series and is available as a software upgrade.

Cisco776Diagram.gifISDN Router w/ NT-1, 2 POTS, w/ 4-port Hub (Canada)

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