CISCO1750 – 10/100BaseTX, 1VIC, 2VIC/WIC Slots IP SW

CISCO1750 Information


The Cisco 1700 Series supports the value of end-to-end Cisco network solutions with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility - The modular Cisco 1750 adapts easily to fit the needs of businesses. Interchangeable WAN interface cards enable easy additions or changes in WAN technologies without requiring a forklift upgrade of the entire platform. Modular data and voice slots enable users to tailor data and voice services as needed. With the ability to use the same field-upgradeable WAN and voice interface cards across multiple Cisco access router platforms, the Cisco 1750 reduces requirements for spare parts inventory and support training. In addition, the autosensing 10/100BaseT Ethernet port enables easy migration to high-speed local networks.
  • Multiservice Access - For businesses that have data networking needs today and want to integrate multiservice data/voice/video/fax capabilities now or in the future, the Cisco 1750 offers a flexible, cost-effective answer. The Cisco 1750 enables network managers to save on long-distance interoffice billing costs and interoperates with next-generation voice-enabled applications such as integrated messaging and Web-based call centers. The Cisco 1750 works with the existing telephone infrastructure - phones, fax machines, key telephone systems (KTS) units, and PBX - minimizing capital costs.
  • Lower Cost Of Ownership - The Cisco 1750 router provides a complete solution for integrated voice and data access in a single product, eliminating the need to install and maintain a large number of separate devices. You can combine optional functions, including a voice gateway, dynamic firewall, VPN tunnel server, DSU/CSU, ISDN network termination-1 (NT1) device, and more to reduce deployment and management costs. This solution can be managed remotely using network management applications such as CiscoWorks and CiscoView or any SNMP-based management tool.
  • Investment Protection - The Cisco 1750 RISC architecture, Cisco IOS software, and modular slots provide solid investment protection to companies that want a platform that offers data connectivity today and an easy migration path to implement services such as multiservice data/voice/video integration, VPNs, and broadband communications in the near future. A slot on the 1700 series motherboard offers the ability to support future hardware-assisted data encryption at T1/E1 speeds.


  • Full Cisco IOS support, including multiprotocol routing (IP, IPX, AppleTalk, IBM/SNA) and bridging
    • Provides the industrys most robust, scalable, and feature-rich internetworking software support using the de facto standard networking software for the Internet and private WANs
    • Part of the Cisco end-to-end network solution


  • Cisco 1750 router chassis accepts both WAN and voice interface cards
    • Reduces long-distance toll charges by allowing the data network to carry interoffice voice and fax traffic

    Works with existing handsets. key units, and PBXs - eliminating the need for a costly phone-equipment upgrade


  • Accepts and array of WAN and voice interface cards
    • Added flexibility and investment protection
  • Shares WAN interface cards shared with Cisco 1600, 2600, and 3600 routers
    • Reduced cost of maintaining inventory
    • Lowers training costs for support personnel
    • Protects investments through reuse on various platforms
  • Autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet
    • Simplifies migration to Fast Ethernet performance in the office
  • Expansion Slot on Motherboard
    • Allows expandability to support future hardware-assisted encryption at T1/E1 speeds


  • The Cisco IOS Firewall feature set includes context-based access control for dynamic firewall filtering, denial of service detection and prevention, Java blocking, real-time alerts, and encryption
    • Allows internal users to access the Internet with secure, per-application-based, dynamic access control while preventing unauthorized Internet users from accessing the internal LAN
  • IPSec DES and triple DES Support
    • Enables creation of VPNs by providing industry-standard data privacy, integrity, and authenticity as data traverses the Internet or a shared public network
  • Expansion slot for future high-speed, hardware-based encryption at T1/E1 speeds
    • Provides an option to upgrade to high-speed hardware-assisted encryption up to T1/E1 when available
  • RISC Processor
    • Enables software-based encryption performance at 512 kbps for VPNs


  • IKE, X.509v3 digital certification, and support for certificate enrollment protocol (CEP) with certification authorities (CAs) such as Verisign and Entrust
    • Ensures proper identity and authenticity of devices and data
    • Enables scalability to very large IPSec networks through automated key management



  • Supports all leading user identity verification schemes


  • IPSec, GRE, L2TP, L2F
    • Choice of standards-based tunneling methods to create VPNs for IP and non-IP traffic
    • Allows any standards-based IPSec or L2TP client to interoperate with Cisco IOS tunneling technologies
    • Fully interoperable with public certificate authorities and IPSec standards-based products
    • Part of the scalable Cisco end-to-end VPN solution portfolio


  • Manageable via SNMP (CiscoView, CiscoWorks200), Telnet, and console port
    • Allows central monitoring, configuration, and diagnostics for all functions integrated in the Cisco 1720 router, reducing management time and costs


  • Cisco ConfigMaker, SETUP configuration utility, AutoInstall, color-coded ports/cables for easy setup, and LED status indicators to simplify monitoring
    • Simplifies and reduces deployment time and costs with graphical LAN/VPN policy configurator; command-line, context-sensitive configuration questions; and straightforward cabling
    • LEDS allows quick diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Network Address Translation and Easy IP
    • Simplifies deployment and reduces Internet access costs


  • Supports Committed Access Rate (CAR), Policy Routing, Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), GTS, RSVP
    • Allocates WAN bandwidth to prioritize applications for improved performance and quality of service


  • Cisco IOS software, dial-on-demand routing, dual-bank Flash memory, scalable routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, and HSRP
    • Improves network reliability and enables scalability to large networks


  • Integrated router, voice gateway, firewall, encryption, VPN tunnel server, DSU/CSU, and NT1 in a single platform
    • Reduces costs and simplifies management

Cisco1750FrontDiagram.gif10/100BaseTX, 1VIC, 2VIC/WIC Slots IP SW

Custom Cables may vary slightly from picture shown.

Cisco1750BackDiagram.gif10/100BaseTX, 1VIC, 2VIC/WIC Slots IP SW

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