CAB-9AS-FDTE – DB9 Female / RJ45 Female Console Adapter (Custom)

CAB-9AS-FDTE Information
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CAB-9AS-FDTE DB9 Female / RJ45 Female Console Adapter (Custom) $4.00

DB9 Female / RJ45 Female Console Adapter (Custom)

Release Note for the Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator

The Secure Content Accelerator can be connected to a terminal server, such as the Cisco 2511 Access Server. You will need a standard RJ45-DB9F adapter (CAB-9AS-FDTE, part number 74-0495-01).

1. Attach the RJ45-DB9F adapter to the CONSOLE port of the Secure Content Accelerator.

2. Using an octal cable with RJ45 connectors, attach the terminal server to the Secure Content Accelerator via the RJ45-DB9F adapter.

3. Using the line interface on the terminal server, use these commands:

    line 1
    autocommand connect
    transport input all

    Note   If you are using firmware older than 3.0.5 on the Secure Content Accelerator, also use the command speed 115200.

How to Configure Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP Professional Dial-up Networking by a Null-Modem Cable

The cabling scenario below illustrates one way of physically connecting to AUX ports and async ports.

Scenario 1


  • The Cisco adapter (DB9 to RJ45) along with the Cisco rolled cable should act as a null-modem cable. That cabling should connect the PC and the Cisco Access Server (the Data Terminal Equipment [DTEs]) without the need for a null-modem cable.

  • The Cisco DB9 to RJ45 terminal adapter part number is CAB-9AS-FDTE, 74-0495-01.

  • The Cisco rolled cable part number is CAB-500RJ. Our part numbers R45SSR-7 7 Ft. R45 Reversed or R45SSR-14 14 Ft. R45 Reversed.


Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • DB9 Female
    DB9 Female
  • RJ45 Female
    RJ45 Female

CAB-9AS-FDTE DB9 Female / RJ45 Female Console Adapter (Custom)

Custom Cables may vary slightly from picture shown.

Part Number Description Price Order
CAB-9AS-FDTE DB9 Female / RJ45 Female Console Adapter (Custom) $4.00
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