AVM-71D – SixDrive Cat 5 Single Source Multidriver (includes 6 x 9879)

AVM-71D Information
Part Number Description Price Order
AVM-71D SixDrive Cat 5 Single Source Multidriver (includes 6 x 9879) $1620.00

SixDrive Cat 5 Single Source Multidriver (includes 6 x 9879)

Distribute HDTV to multiple areas over two Cat 5 cables with the SixDrive. Rack mountable and expandable in increments of six outputs. Handles resolutions up to 1080p.

One input, six outputs of HD Component Video, Analog Audio, and Digital Audio. IR pathway for control. Not for use with AVAtrix systems.

System Includes Cat 5 receivers: Six Model 9879 Wallplates.

The SixDrive incorporates the key signal paths necessary for premium audio and video entertainment, plus an IR pathway for easy remote control of AV components. All this over just two inexpensive, easy to install Cat 5 cables. The Model 1171 Cat 5 MultiDriver distributes HDTV signals to Model 9879 Wallplates up to 1,000 feet from the source.
  • One input, six Cat 5 Wallplate outputs (Wallplates included)
  • Up to 1080p component video (YPbPr)
  • Coaxial digital and stereo analog audio
  • Infrared remote jack for IR pathway
  • Wallplate powered through Cat 5 cable
  • Antenna pass-through jack
  • Rack ears available (Model 1191)
  • Product Dimensions (H-W-D, inches): Model 1171 Driver: 1.75 X 16.675 X 9
  • Product Dimentsion (H-W-D, inches): 4 x 1.6 x 2.75 (not including Decora trim cover)

To Add More Outputs to an AVM-71 SixDrive System
Up to 42 outputs can be obtained from a single system. Adding an 802-567 (up to 18 additional outputs) or 802-568 (up to 36 additional outputs) system bus cable, and Model 1170 Cat 5 Multidriver Expanders increases the outputs in groups of six. Additional Cat 5 receivers are required as needed.

The Wallplate
Wallplate/receivers come with three Decora color inserts (The Decora trim cover shown is not included). They are easy to install in a standard single-gang electrical box. Two Cat 5 cables deliver component video, digital audio and analog audio to each Wallplate. The 3.5mm IR jacks provide a convenient pathway for a third party IR remote distribution network over the Cat 5 pathway. Use the front or convenient rear facing IR jack for exterior or in-wall IR receivers. Use compatible IR receivers and emitters (see User Manual). IR receiver and emitter equipment not included.

Premium Quality Signal at Any Distance
Our unique cable length compensation allows adjustment for the optimal signal strength at any distance up to 1,000 feet from the source. Like our commercial video distribution products, the AVM-71 provides reliable ground isolation, preventing hum bars and other artifacts associated with ground loops.

Expandable in Increments of Six
It's easy to expand a SixDrive. Simply add 1170 Expanders to the 1171 MultiDriver and connect additional Wallplate/receivers. Up to 42 Wallplates may be served in this way. See the User Manual for details.

AVM-71D SixDrive Cat 5 Single Source Multidriver (includes 6 x 9879)
Part Number Description Price Order
AVM-71D SixDrive Cat 5 Single Source Multidriver (includes 6 x 9879) $1620.00
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