A25F45 – D25 Female To RJ45 (8 Wire)

A25F45 Information
Part Number Description Price Order
A25F45 D25 Female To RJ45 (8 Wire) $1.85

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  • Modular adapter DB25 Female to RJ45 Female - Changes Female DB25 to allow use of RJ45
  • Our network modular adapter has a DB25 Female to RJ45 Female connection, and is typically used for modular RS232, RS422, and RS485 connections.
  • Connectors: DB25 Female, RJ45 Female
  • Plastic frame

Using modular adapters with inexpensive silver satin or twisted pair wire (Bulk Wire, Silver Satin, or Category 5 & 6 Cables.) has become a popular way to run client server applications. Needing to connect dumb terminals on the desktop back to a central patch panel or directly to a MUX via RS232, many network planners have implemented modular adapters as the most cost effective way to complete the connections.

Examples Only - (Connector Shape / Color May Vary Slightly)

  • DB25 Female
    DB25 Female
  • RJ45 Female
    RJ45 Female

A25F45 D25 Female To RJ45 (8 Wire)
A25F45_Drawing D25 Female To RJ45 (8 Wire)
Part Number Description Price Order
A25F45 D25 Female To RJ45 (8 Wire) $1.85
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