201-615 – 10dB Drop Amplifier

201-615 Information
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201-615 10dB Drop Amplifier $34.00

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CATV - Community antenna television system. Offers the transmission of television signals, including those that originate at over-the-air broadcast stations, to customers on a wired network. CATV was the origin of the cable television networks known today.

Indoor Home / Apartment CATV drop amplifiers compensate for long cable drops or multiple TV sets. Bandwidth 5-1000MHz - Low noise circuitry. 151 channel capable. Superior gain flatness. Return loss 12-14dB Min. Noise 6dB Typical. Dist X-Mod -70dBmV. CTB -65dBmV. Soldered-back cover 130dB min EMI-RFI Shielding. Anti-Corrosion tin plated zinc-alloy die-cast housing. Precision machined F-Connector threads. Mounting tabs with screws - Cast in ground block. Supplied with 120VAC-12VDC 150mA Transformer.

Max Output +25dBmV

201-615 10dB Drop Amplifier
Part Number Description Price Order
201-615 10dB Drop Amplifier $34.00
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