201-602 – VHF Hi-Low Separator-Combiner

201-602 Information
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201-602 VHF Hi-Low Separator-Combiner $4.00

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Most combination or "all channel" VHF/UHF antennas have a connection for a single downlead, and in most locations a single high quality coax cable will deliver good VHF and UHF signals. However, a single downlead cannot be connected to both the VHF and UHF 300 ohm terminals on older TV's and VCR's. Instead, a VHF/UHF band separator with an input for coax is required. Connect the downlead coax cable to the input, and the two pairs of wires at the other end to the appropriate VHF and UHF terminals on the TV and/or VCR.
  • 3/8 inch Precision MAchined F-Connector Threads
  • Epoxy Sealed Back Cover
  • Yellow Chromate-Plated Zinc-Alloy Cast Housing
  • Filters and mixes VHF, allowing mixing of multiple antennas onto single cable.
  • Reduces harmonics and out-of-band interference
  • DC Power Passing All Ports
  • Insertion Loss 0.5dB max.
  • Port-Port Isolation 20dB min.
  • Input Return Loss 25-30dB min.
  • Separate and isolates or combines VHF low (54-108MHz) from VHF high (175-216MHz) signals for clean insertion into amplifiers.

201-602 VHF Hi-Low Separator-Combiner
Part Number Description Price Order
201-602 VHF Hi-Low Separator-Combiner $4.00
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