201-104 – 4-Way 1GHz 130dB Digital Splitter

201-104 Information
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201-104 4-Way 1GHz 130dB Digital Splitter $7.50

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F Splitters are commonly used for CATV & FM stereo installations.

5-1000MHz 75-Ohm Digital-Ready CATV Splitters. Suitable for Hybrid Distribution Networks, Voice-Data, Modem, and Digital Converter Applications. Tongue-and-Groove Housing. Fully water resistant. Soldered back cover. 130dB min EMI-RFI shielding. IEEE-587 built-in 6kV surge protection at all ports. Enhanced performance - 35dB min Port-to-Port isolation and return loss at 15-40MHz sub-band spurious signals -60dBmV with 55dBmV input. All ports DC power capacitor-blocked. Low intermodulation hum. High performance printed-board circuitry. Mounting tabs with screws. Cast in ground block. Anti-Corrosion silver plated zinc-alloy cast housing. 3/8" precision machined F-Port threads. 1" centered F-Ports accomodate security tools. Supplied with protective F-Port plastic caps.

Insertion loss 7.0 - 7.5dB max.
Isolation 35dB min 15 - 40 MHz.
Isolation 21dB min 5 - 15 54 - 1 GHz.
Return loss 22dB min.

201-104 4-Way 1GHz 130dB Digital Splitter
Part Number Description Price Order
201-104 4-Way 1GHz 130dB Digital Splitter $7.50
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