201-040 – Channel-4 Signal Combiner

201-040 Information
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201-040 Channel-4 Signal Combiner $12.50

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Signal combiners are used to combine local off-air channels from a TV antenna with the modulated channel 3 or 4 signal output from a satellite receiver, VCR, DVD player or other audio/video device. This allows you watch any of the local channels from your TV antenna or the satellite channel from your satellite receiver on any TV in your house.

Cost-effective High Quality Signal Combiners. Used with multiple TV sets for decoded programming. Precision-tuned 6-stage bandpass-bandstop filters provide 6MHz carrier-free environment for locally originated channel insertion.
  • High Skirt Selectivity
  • Sharp Frequency Cut Off
  • Easy Balancing Adjustment Tuning
  • High Unwanted Signal Attenuation
  • Rejection Depth >25dB
  • Insertion Loss 3dB
  • Adjacent Channel Loss 5.5dB
  • Adjustable Balancing Attenuators
  • F-Type Connectors
  • Dimensions 3-3/8 inches Wide x 3-3/4 inches high x 1-1/8 inches Deep.

201-040 Channel-4 Signal Combiner
Part Number Description Price Order
201-040 Channel-4 Signal Combiner $12.50
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