200-993 – Satellite Finder w/ LED Bar Graph

200-993 Information
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200-993 Satellite Finder w/ LED Bar Graph $25.00

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Highly Sensitive Meter with Built-In Buzzer.
  • Durable ABS Plastic Housing
  • Built-In Buzzer with Pitched Tone for Alignment Reference
  • Front Panel Sensitivity Control
  • RF and DC Pass-Through
  • 75Ohms 950-2050MHz Input Sensitivity 7mV@55dB
  • LNB Gain 52-60dB
  • Power Requirements 13-18VDC
  • Required 6dB attenuator for 60-65dB LNB gain

Wiring And Operation:
  1. Connect a jump cable from LNB to satellite finder's "TO LNB" input.
  2. Connect the "TO REC" to a 13V ~ 18V DC power which comes from the satellite receiver.
  3. Make sure that satellite finder is properly connected. Plug in the AC cord and turn on the satellite receiver.
  4. Make coarse dish alignment by setting azimuth and inclination. Turn knob clockwise to make the third LED on.
  5. Adjust dish position, feedhorn position, and polarization to make more of the LEDs turn on.If all LED turn on, turn off the last two LEDs by turning level control counterclockwise.
  6. Remove the jump cable and satellite finder. Resume connection of satellite receiver and LNB.

  • When using this unit to install C dish, you must not place the FINDER in from of dish to avoid all LEDs being on all the time.
  • When using high gain LNB, gain that is higher than 60dB, insert a 5dB power passing attenuator in between LNB and satellite finder, or replace the jump cable to be a 20 Ft. RG-59U.
  • If the LED is sparking, the sensitivity is too high. Lower down the input signal by inserting a passing attenuator between LNB and satellite finder.

200-993 Satellite Finder w/ LED Bar Graph
Part Number Description Price Order
200-993 Satellite Finder w/ LED Bar Graph $25.00
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