1155C – Digital Audio / Composite Video Autoselecter

1155C Information
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1155C Digital Audio / Composite Video Autoselecter $169.00

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  • Expands the TVís video input capacity
  • Expands the receiverís digital audio capacity
  • Automatically selects the active audio input
  • Converts optical and coaxial signals automatically

Expand Digital Audio Input Capacity
Model 1177 and 1155 present great solutions for consumers who want to connect multiple digital audio sources to A/V systems which have limited inputs. Each unit allows the output of 4 sources to be connected to the input of a home theater receiver and/or TV. The 1177 and 1155 accept both optical (TosLink™ ) and coax (RCA jack) signals. Both signals are automatically converted to provide both types of outputs to the sound system, eliminating compatibility problems between products with differing digital connections.

Automatically Select the Active Source
Proprietary circuitry monitors the 4 sources connected to the AutoSelector for the presence of a digital signal and selects the active one automatically. Another feature allows the user to assign selection priority to those signals. Example: both a satellite receiver and a DVD player are connected to the AutoSelector. If the power on the satellite receiver is left on, its digital signal will be detected constantly by the AutoSelector. But by assigning the DVD player a higher priority, the AutoSelector would automatically select it whenever its signal was detected, even though there is also signal from the satellite receiver. A manual select button is provided to override the automatic selection. Multi-color front panel LEDs indicate source availability and selection status.

1155C Digital Audio / Composite Video Autoselecter
Part Number Description Price Order
1155C Digital Audio / Composite Video Autoselecter $169.00
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