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Purchase your Tools For Running Wire here. Related items include For and Running and Tools and Wire.

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Tools For Running Wire carries Tools For Running Wire. If you need Tools For Running Wire not listed here, and/or pinout drawing identified call us at 800-931-3133 or email a request and any documents to
Wire Puller Tool
TO7 Full Set, includes 5 standard poles at 5 ft. each and two thin poles at 5 ft. each. for fishing cable TO7 110 Impact Punch Tool $118.00
Standard Pole


TIP 1. Aluminum, bullet shaped tip with large hole to attach wire directly or to attach wire capturing device
CONNECTOR 1: Aluminum Connector with female threads.
CONNECTOR 2: Aluminum connector with male threads.
BODY: Gray fiberglass body. It's hollow construction makes it both rigid and flexible.
No Tape Tool: The harder you pull, the tighter the No Tape Tool Holds the cable!
Point your mouse at different parts of the pole for a detailed photograph and description.

The Pole's patented design is the most versatile tool available for fishing cable through ceilings and walls. The Pole will speed your cabling work and will be the only tool you need for fishing cable.

The Pole's strength, stiffness and flexible design makes it easy for you to fish cable through virtually any enclosed area, even in the most difficult situation

The Pole will:

  • pull wire across drop ceilings, sheet rock, trusses, bar joists, etc.
  • pull wire either up or down walls
  • pierce insulation in walls or ceilings
  • pull wire across 3, 4 or more bar joists at a time
  • pull wire through enclosed ceilings with ease
  • pull wire under floors
  • pull wire through tight crawl spaces
  • push wire into dead end places
  • capture wire at full length with attachments
  • provide safety with its non-conductive material
  • and more!

Illustrated Instructions for attaching cable to the
"No Tape Tool"

Tips for using The Pole:

  1. Push the pole and pull the cable behind for the best performance of the pole.
  2. A small drop of oil on the threads every few months keeps them running smoothly.
  3. If the fiberglass of the pole is badly scratched during use it may give you a sliver. Use a rag to rub vigorously over the area to return the smooth finish.
  4. Always use the rounded tips front and rear of the assembled poles so threads are not exposed and damaged.
  • All of the tips of the poles have the same size whole so you can use any piece of wire up to 12 guage to form a capturing tool by bending it as shown on the above. After inserting the capturing tool into the tip, wrap tape around the tip to keep the capturing tool rigid.
  • On the left are some example of capturing tool you can make. You can make these tools any size you need.
You are here: Arrow Tools For Running Wire

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