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Mackie Cables carries Mackie Cables.
If you need a Mackie Cable not listed here, and/or pinout drawing identified call us at 800-931-3133 or email a request and any documents to
D8B Digital Mixer Cables
Mackie D8B Digital Mixer
The Mackie D8B is a professional digital mixer used by many professional recording studios and artists as well as home recording studios. The ribbon cables for the Mackie D8B may need to be replaced at some point. The Mackie-D8B-Kit is a complete replacement cable kit for all the ribbon cables you will need.
Mackie Cables
Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
Mackie-D8B-Kit D8B Digital Mixer Cables - Repair Kit. (Custom) D8B Digital Mixer Cables - Repair Kit. (Custom) $240.00