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-- About SCSI --

Small Computer System Interface(SCSI, pronounced "skuzzy") is a way to tranfer data between computers and peripheral devices. SCSI is most commoly used for hard disks and tape drives, but it can be used with a wide range of devices include scanners and CD drives. SCSI connectors and devices are normally found in a commercial environment on used with computers such as servers. "SCSI is an intelligent, peripheral, buffered, peer to peer interface. It hides the complexity of physical format. Every device attaches to the SCSI bus in a similar manner. Up to 8 or 16 devices can be attached to a single bus. There can be any number of hosts and peripheral devices but there should be at least one host."
Traditional SCSI interfaces use a parallel interface. But there are other versions of SCSI available that connect via USB, Ethernet connectors, and Serial. SAS, or Serial Attached SCSI is becoming extremely popular and is starting to replace traditional SCSI connectors in many new computers and devices.

What does a SCSI cable look like?

SCSI 3 Cable Image SCSI 6 Close Up Image

Advanced Information

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