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-- About S-Video --

Seperate Video(S-Video) is also known as S-VHS, Super Video, and Y/C. S-Video is an analog video standard that is used in both home and business applications. The most common S-Video four pin mini-DIN connector can be found on PC's, Laptops, Game Consoles, Video Projectors, TV's, DVD Players, high end Video Cassette Recorders, and Digital Video Recorders. Using S-Video can produce a more clear picture then the composite video used in RCA cables. This is because the video is split into two seperate channels, Y or luma, and C or chroma. Because it only splits the video in two channels rather then three, S-Video does not produce a picture better then component video. Instead it is a middle ground between the composite and componant video standards. S-Video has been around for many years and can be found with other mini-DIN connectors featuring 7 or 9 pins.

What does an S-Video cable look like?

S-Video Image S-Video Image 2

Advanced Information

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