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Cisco 700 Series Routers

Cisco 700 series Internet access devices provide an ideal, affordable solution that allows multiple PCs to easily share one Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line for simultaneous access to the Internet.
Recommended for up to five users, the Cisco 700 series is designed for small offices and home-based businesses that need shared and cost-effective access to the Internet. And since these offices typically do not have networking expertise, the Cisco 700 series is also designed to be extremely easy to install.
Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
CISCO761M Cisco 761ETH 1 RJ45 ISDN Picture
CISCO775M ISDN Router w/ 4-port ETH Hub, 2 POTS (US, Mexico) Picture
CISCO775M-G2 ISDN Router w/ 4-port Hub, 2 POTS (Europe, Australia, Hong Kong) Picture
CISCO776M ISDN Router w/ NT-1, 2 POTS w/ 4-port ETH Hub (US) Picture
CISCO776M-G1 ISDN Router w/ NT-1, 2 POTS, w/ 4-port Hub (Canada) Picture