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Cisco 4000 Series

The Cisco 4000 series routers run Cisco IOS software. You can choose a feature set the supports your specific protocol environment. Cisco IOS software assures robust, reliable internetworks by supporting both LAN and WAN protocols, optimizing WAN services, and controlling internetwork access. In addition, Cisco IOS software allows centralized, integrated, and automated installation and management of internetworks.

The Cisco 4000 series routers offer Flash EPROM technology as a standard feature. Flash EPROMs enable you to distribute new software releases from a central location. After the software is distributed, the routers can reboot from programs stored in local Flash memory.

All models provide a configurable modular router platform by using network processor modules (NPMs) - individual removable cards used for external network connections. Because the router's modules support many variations of protocols, line speeds, and transmission media, the Cisco 4000 series can accommodate all types of network computing environments. As Cisco introduces new modules the Cisco 4000 series can be upgraded to keep pace with technological advances.

Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
CISCO4500-M-CH CISCO 4500 3 Slot Chassis Router 100Mhz Picture
CISCO4700-M-CH CISCO 4700 3 Slot Chassis ` Picture