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Cisco 3810 Router

This Cisco MC3810 is a compact, cost-efficient multiservice access device which integrates voice, data and video traffic over a variety of services.

The Cisco MC3810 product utilizes Cisco IOS routing to provide superior performance and unmatched interface handling. Cisco's proven switching and routing technologies allow you to design networks that integrate legacy data, Ethernet, analog or digital voice, fax, and video into a common communications network that significantly reduces network costs.

The Cisco MC3810 series is designed to scale from low-speed leased-line environments up to 56 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps Frame Relay and T1/E1 ATM networks with a simple software change. The Cisco MC3810 will also work with a full range of Cisco routers and switches, so you can enjoy the benefits of a single end-to-end networking solution. Benefits such as reduced equipment costs, improved performance, and centralized management make the combined Cisco backbone and Cisco MC3810 solution unique.

The Cisco MC3810 supports either analog or digital voice connections. The analog configuration allows 1 to 6 ports of analog voice. When configured for digital operation, the Cisco MC3810 will support up to 24 channels of compressed voice.

The Cisco MC3810 flexibility enables it to be deployed within public and private networks and supports a variety of network services and applications.

Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
MC3810-4E Cisco MC3810-4E Multiservice Access Concentrator voice over frame 3E/M 1 FX0 32 MB DRAM Picture