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Cisco 2500 Series

The Cisco 2500 series routers provide a variety of models designed for branch office and remote site environments. These routers are typically fixed configuration with at least two of the following interfaces:

  • Ethernet (AUI)
  • 10BaseT Ethernet Hub
  • Token Ring
  • Synchronous Serial
  • Asynchronous Serial

All Cisco 2500 models include a minimum of 8 MB of Flash memory, except for the mission-specific routers which include 4MB or 8MB of Flash memory depending upon the Cisco IOS software release. Additional Flash memory can be purchased to allow for dual banking or potential future code growth.

There are two types of DRAM memory in the Cisco 2500 series routers: primary and shared(packet). Primary memory is used to store the operating configuration, routing tables, caches, and queues. Shared memory is used to store incoming and outgoing packets.

Mission-specific routers are entry-level routers that are based on standard Cisco 2500 hardware. However, mission-specific routers contain less memory than standard models and run reduced software images designed for CFRAD, LAN FRAD, and ISDN applications. These reduced software images disable unused ports. Mission-specific routers can be upgraded to full standard-model functionality by purchasing additional software and memory.

Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
CISCO2501-CH 2501 ETH REMPTE ROUTER 1 AUI & 2 SYNCDB60 Ports Picture
CISCO2501-CF 2501 CFRAD Router, LAN Port Disabled Picture
CISCO2501-LF 2501 LAN FRAD AUI & 2 SYNC includes IBM code Picture
CISCO2502-CH 2502 Token Ring Router with 1 DB9 and 2 SYNC Serial Picture
CISCO2503-CH 2503 ETH REM 1 AUI 2 SYNC ISDN BRI S/T Needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2504-CH 2504 TR REM 1 DB9 2SYNC 1 ISDN BRI S/T Needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2505-CH 2505 ETH Router with 8 RJ45 Port Hub and 2 SYNC Ports Picture
CISCO2507-CH 2507 ETH Router with 16 RJ45 Port Hub with 2 SYNC Ports Picture
CISCO2509-CH 2509 ETH REM 1 AUI 2 SYNC, 1 DB68 Port with 8 RS232 Ports Picture
CISCO2509-DC 2509 Access Server AUI 2 SYNC, DB68 Port = 8 RS232 Ports, DC Power Picture
CISCO2511-CH 2511 ETH REM 1 AUI 2 SYNC 2 DB68 Port with 16 RS232 Picture
CISCO2513-CH 2513 Token Ring & Ethernet Router 1 DB9 & 1 AUI Port Plus 2 WAN DB60 Picture
CISCO2514-CH 2514 Remote Router 2 AUI Ports 2 High Speed SYNC Ports Picture
CISCO2514-DC 2514 Remote Router 2 AUI Ports 2 High Speed SYNC Ports DC Power Picture
CISCO2515-CH 2515 Dual Token Ring DB9 Ports 2 High Speed SYNC Ports Picture
CISCO2516-CH 2516 ETH REM 14 RJ45 Hub with 2 DB60 SYNC Picture
CISCO2520-CH 2520 ETH 1 AUI 2 SYNC 2 ASYNC/SYNC ISDN BRI S/T needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2521-CH 2521 TR REM 1 DB9 2 SYNC 2 Async/Sync ISDN BRI S/T needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2522-CH 2522 ETH REM 1 AUI 2 SYNC 8 Async/Sync ISDN BRI S/T needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2523-CH 2523 TR REM 1 DB9 2 SYNC 8 Async/Sync ISDN BRI S/T needs NT1 Picture
CISCO2524-CH 2524 Ethernet 1 RJ45 & AUI Modular (Must add WAN ports) 2 DSU/CSU Max Picture
CISCO2525-CH 2525 Token Ring with DB9, Modular (Must add WAN Ports) 2 DSU/CSU Max Picture