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Cisco 1750 Router

The Cisco 1750 provides a cost-effective solution to support a comprehensive array of applications, including:

  • Secure Internet, intranet, and extranet access with optional integrated firewall
  • Multiservice voice/fax/data integration
  • VPN access

The Cisco 1750 features a modular architecture that enables users to cost-effectively upgrade or add WAN and voice interfaces to accommodate changing requirements and growth. Integrated network services and functions, including an optional firewall, CSU/DSU, and VPN features, reduce the complexity of deploying and managing branch office solutions. Most important, the Cisco 1750 offers investment protection with a RISC architecture and features to support new technologies and applications including voice/fax/data integration and VPNs when users are ready to deploy them.

The Cisco 1750 is available in three models that enables users to easily tailor an access solution to suit their branch office requirements today and in the future:

  • Cisco 1750 - The most basic model available, this unit provides everything a small branch office needs for data networking now - with a simple upgrade path to support integrated voice/fax/data applications when needed. A convenient voice upgrade kit is available to provide voice/fax/data support when needed.
  • Cisco 1750-2V Multiservice model - This model includes all the features, memory, and DSP needed for immediate support of integrated voice/fax/data applications with up to two analog voice ports. Voice and WAN interface cards are available separately.
  • Cisco 1750-4V Multiservice model - This model includes all the features, memory, and DSPs needed to support integrated multiservice voice/fax/data applications immediately with up to four analog voice ports. Voice and WAN interface cards are available separately.

All Cisco 1750 models offer three modular slots for voice and data interface cards, an autosensing 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN port, a console port. and an auxiliary port. The Cisco 1750 supports the same WAN interface cards as the Cisco 1600, 1720, 2600, and 3600 routers, and the same analog voice interface cards and voice-over IP technology as the Cisco 2600 and 3600 routers, simplifying sparing and support requirements. The WAN interface cards support a wide range of services, including synchronous and asynchronous serial, Integrated Serial Digital Network Basic Rate Interface (ISDN BRI), and serial with DSU/CSU options for primary and backup WAN connectivity. The voice interface cards include support for Foreign Exchange Office (FXO), Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) and Ear & Mouth (E&M). Combined, these interfaces support a comprehensive set of applications including multiservice voice/fax/data integration, Frame Relay, ISDN BRI, SMDS, X.25, broadband services, VPNs, and more.

Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
CISCO1750 10/100BaseTX, 1VIC, 2VIC/WIC Slots IP SW Picture
CISCO1750-2V 10/100BaseTX, 2 Voice Chan IP / Voice + SW Picture
CISCO1750-4V 10/100BaseTX, 4 Voice Chan IP / Voice + SW Picture