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Card Edge Connectors carries Card Edge Connectors that are available in custom lengths. Some of the Card Edge Connectors available include 20 Pin Card Edge Connectors and 26 Pin Card Edge Connectors. If you need a Card Edge Connector not listed here, and/or pinout drawing identified call us at 800-931-3133 or email a request and any documents to
Card Edge Connectors
Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price Qty
CE20 20 Pin 10 Pack CE20 20 Pin 10 Pack $8.50
CE26 26 Pin 10 Pack CE26 26 Pin 10 Pack $16.00
CE34 34 Pin 10 Pack CE34 34 Pin 10 Pack $13.50
CE40 40 Pin 10 Pack CE40 40 Pin 10 Pack $19.50
CE50 50 Pin 10 Pack CE50 50 Pin 10 Pack $30.50